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Dr. Nadera Nassif

    Dr. Nadera Nassif holds a Doctorate degree in International Education, a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership, and a Post Graduate degree in Clinical Microbiological with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She Is the President and Founder of Global Schooling Systems, and the President and Founder of Phenix Foundation for peace. She is an official general coordinator and representative for Lawrence Technological University in Michigan USA for the MENA region. Dr. Nassif is an international lecturer with a specialty in Peace Education (she is the only specialist in the Middle East and North Africa). She also specializes in Emergency Education, Comparative Education, and Curriculum writing and assessments. Her rich and diverse background allowed her to succeed in enhancing the knowledge and skills of peace education in schools. She successfully led many international organizations, non-profits and business entities, and special programs. She assisted in providing bilingual programs (Arabic languages/ English) to schools in the cities of Dearborn and Hamtramck, Michigan.

   Dr. Nassif is a researcher, spokesperson, and public speaker. She participated in several international conferences as a member of the scientific committees, as well as, a permanent member of the Scientific Committee of the arbitrator for international research journal (Journal of Human Resources Development for Research issued by the Centre for Strategic Studies and Arab Democracy, Economics, and Politics Berlin _ Germany). She is often invited as an official guest speaker, either at the opening of the conferences, and as a researcher and President of dialogue sessions during the conferences, and or a moderator in the United States and the Middle East.

   Dr. Nadera Nassif appeared on local channels in Michigan in the United States and on official international televisions such as The Arab Kuwait State TV, Abu Dhabi TV (Aldar Science Program), The Lebanese LBC TV, (Kalam Anass), the official Arabic Turkish TV ( Dunia Al-Sabah program), the Syrian TV (Lam Al-Shamil program), and on Al-Rafidein Channel in Turkey. She was also a guest on several international radio conversations and interventions: the MBC, Kuwait radio, radio Dajla, and the Algeria radio. Important articles were written about her in the most famous Arab newspapers including but not limited to AL-QABAS (Kuwait) and Al-Hayat International newspaper in dialogue about Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Dr. Nassif is also a writer for many newspapers in the Middle East and North America.

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