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Dr. Jerome Fore

Dr. C. Jerome Fore is a co-founder of Global Schooling Systems. Dr. Fore is an international leader in instructional strategies, with an emphasis on special education with emphasis on students with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Differentiated Instruction for General and Special Education Students, Reading Instruction, Curriculum Alignment, and Classroom Discipline. He is an accomplished author and presenter, who consistently receives very positive reviews of his professional development workshops for educators at every level. He completed workshops and presentation the local and internationally and has an innate ability to use a combination of practical strategies and easy humor, to keep educators in his workshops perched on the edge of their seats, eager to hear more on the subject. Dr. Fore believes his job is to inform audiences across the nation of innovative, up-to-date information, based on current research. He is able to convey this information in a humorous, motivating fashion.

Dr. C. Jerome Fore began his education career teaching in the K-12 school’s classroom, working with students in the general education and special education setting. He earned his Ph.D. in special education, statistics and educational psychology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. He has taught in higher education around the nation for many years. He is now consulting around the world while writing several professional development books, and presenting workshops for educators nationwide in Canada, Spain, Germany and Hawaii. Dr. Fore has written over 65 research articles, books chapters, and technical reports during his career for school districts and at the university level. Dr. Fore has a book under review on Instructional Strategies for students in special education classes.

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