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Dr. Bernardine B. Carter

Dr. Bernardine B. Carter is a certified online instructor to teach online classes at the collegiate level. As a collegiate educator, Dr. Carter has a passion for teaching and she is committed to teaching students in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Public Administration, Administration, and Human Resources courses. Her areas of expertise are in the areas of Criminal Justice, Human Resources, Public Administration, and various Learning Management Systems to deliver instructional classes and strategies. She is an accomplished presenter who always receive positive ratings in her training programs. Dr. Carter has completed workshops and courses local, state, and nationals on real world topics for her audience. Dr. Carter believes that presenting up-to-date information and strategies are important tool to staying current in the field. Education: Dr. Carter hold a Doctorate of Business Administration with a Criminal Justice Specialization; Master Degree in Human Resource Administration; and eighteen graduate hours in Public Administration.

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