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Who We Are

We are a team of highly qualified educational specialists who believe that education is the            process of facilitating learning and acquiring values, knowledge, skills, habits, and beliefs. We are committed to create school systems that nourish regular and special education students' creativity and learning ability. We at Global Schooling Systems believe that every lesson Learned guides, shapes, and builds our future generations dreams.


  • Work with educators on the understanding of the characteristics and discipline strategies for students from a various background in the classroom setting.
  • Promote the understanding of effective intervention strategies to increase academic and communications for students in elementary, middle and high school.
  • Promote Peace Education to secure a culture of peace in schools.
  • Promote the understanding of working with Special Education students with autism, ADD, ADHS.
  • Promote Health Education to help prevent HIV/AIDS in schools.
  • Enrich the ability of educators on the issues of assessment and techniques to consider for individual learners.
  • Provide educators with skills on understanding effective classroom behavior management strategies for teachers.
  • Understand the use of technology to aid in learning for students in regular and special education.